Helen Aileen Davies



The Emperor and the Butterfly

Published by Troubador / Matador


ISBN 978-1905886-53-1

Sensible Elen longs for love until she finds herself torn between two suitors -

sexy but shy student teacher Rhys and mysterious Mac, an older but charismatic Italian businessman.

Mac never loses. His wife, his secretary and his competitors are twisted around his little finger.

And now he wants Elen, quite literally the woman of his dreams.

But in this first novel from Helen Aileen Davies, dreams can turn to nightmares

and sometimes the real world is far more perfect than a fairytale.


"A gripping tale of Wales and Italy, modern and ancient, love and revenge. A smart and charming must-read"

Alex Lloyd Wales News



'The Woman Who Read Romantic Fiction and Other Stories'

Published by Dragonfall / Sweet Starling


ISBN 978-0-9576328-0-6

Take seven women of various ages. Each of them has a moment in time which changes their life in some way.

Some find long searched for love - some find themselves - some gain a new perspective on life.

This is the basis of this book of short stories from the author of "The Emperor and the Butterfly" and finalist of BBC short story competition "End of Story"



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